Business Management Advice

Through various analytical processes, we are able to advise our clients on Management and Operations, for purposes of fostering stability, sustainability and growth, and how to manipulate situations and resources in order to improve results. 

Managerial and Operational aspects that embrace Technology are crucial for agility. 

These can then be used as a basis for implementing Management Information Systems (MIS) which are important for:-

     Promoting efficiency;

     Easing decision making;

     Communication & Planning;

     Aligning business processes;

     Enhancing Customer Service and creating opportunities for cross-selling;

     Creating Accounting Information Systems (AIS) as a focal area.

Financial Advice 

An overall financial strategy would include rendering advise on reduction of Tax exposure and obligations, Cash flow management, plus ways of increasing ROI, and maintaining other healthy ratios. 

We offer this service primarily to individuals who need personal financial advice, start-ups and MSME’s.

Book-Keeping & Accounting Services such as:-   

•     Starting, Growing or Ending a Business;

•     Accounting & Financial Records;

•     Profits, Deductions & Allowances;

•     Tax Preparation & Filing;

•     Audits-Internal & External;

•     Financial & Loan Options;

•     On-line Banking;

•     Investment options;

•     HR related functions such as Payroll, et al

It’s easy to see that situations which warrant the services of an advisor abound. He will help the business owners to separate their biases from the needs of the firm. That’s a major advantage that gives you a chance to hand over your firms problems to us.