Structured for MSME’s and Individuals, this service aims at helping those who are keen on bridging the gap between potential and performance.

Businesses are increasingly moving from mere Training to mentorship through Coaching. They have realized that this intentional approach is more effective and promotes a sense of ownership, and hence productivity increases across the board.

It is envisaged that our engagements will stir up self-awareness, instill a sense of purposefulness and change, and ultimately drive the Coaching culture among individuals.

The Organization will rid itself of ‘bosses’ who largely give instructions and solutions, to ‘coaches’ who are more inclined to listen and offer guidance.

At ADCOS, the key areas of Coaching are in Business Management, Personal Finance, Interview and Job preparation PLUS Skilling, with emphasis on Personal Branding.

When Coaching is used effectively, it can be a very useful personal growth and management tool in building futures.